She is a little bird that needs it’s freedom as well as it’s security, and she gets them both from me…

~ Aristotle Onassis

A born leader with extraordinary drive and keen eye for opportunity, you don’t want to be just successful. You want to be the best.

With your strong personality and sharp mind, you frequently overturn convention as you demand excellence from yourself and those around you. You pursue feminine charm with dogged determination that borders on obsession, providing the stability of independence and protection that causes feminine essence to soften into your embrace.

Admired by many for her resilience in adversity and ardent sense of compassion, you are immediately smitten by the intensity and mystery embodied in this mercurial enigma who galvanizes every situation she enters. Her sensuous and alluring intuition make her aware of her partner’s needs and desires, which she fulfills with almost magical delicacy.

Our private refuge provides a beguiling ambiance where we are swept away to a primal domain where insatiable hedonism and enchantment unfold.

Pleased to make your acquaintance…

Discover Dirty Sophistication

Birthday: August 28th
Height: 5′ 3″
Measurements: 34D-28-38
Shoe Size: 7.5US/37.5EU
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Favorite Wine: Clos Du Temple Rose
Favorite Cuisine: Sushi or Italian
Favorite Flower: Deep Pink Roses