Must I complete screening?
The purpose of screening is to verify who you are so I can relax and open up to you as we enjoy our time together. I appreciate a gentleman who completes industry standard screening. If you are a verified P411 member, simply message me there to expedite your process.

Why do you blur your face in your photos?
Though my smile, brilliant blue eyes, and prominent bone structure are some of my best assets, I love remaining a flirtatious enigma.

Do you offer XYZ service?
The Jennie Kennedy Experience isn’t quantified in a checklist of acronyms. If this is your goal, I encourage you to seek companionship elsewhere.

What if I’m a few minutes late?
Punctuality is next to godliness… Right? Our date will end at the planned time, regardless of when you arrive.

Do I need to request an engagement in advance?
As an admittedly obsessive planner, my calendar makes me feel so safe and prepared. I appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Occasionally, same day requests are an aphrodisiac-especially if we’ve met before.

Do you see couples?
As a truly bisexual woman, I find intimate connections with both men and women extremely titillating! There is a 3 hour minimum for couples booking and both individuals must complete screening.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?
I prefer email at jennie.kennedyxo@gmail.com or my Contact Form to expedite the simple screening process.

What will you be wearing?
Always dressed to impress, but not to draw unwarranted attention, I’ll select something cultivated and refined.

What happens if we run into each other in public?
I am often out with friends or family, even if I appear to be flying solo. I look forward to our naughty eye exchange, as we leave it at that. Please don’t take this preference as an indication of my feelings towards you, but rather as an expression of my respect for our privacy.

May we spend time together “off the clock”?
While I appreciate the fact you enjoy my company, I only engage in dates where my time is compensated. Perhaps you’d like to discuss an exclusive or long-term arrangement? I can’t wait to hear what you suggest.

Can we negotiate rates or make an “exchange”?
I am most turned on by a gentleman who rises to the occasion and tangibly displays his desire. My consideration is non-negotiable and any attempt to ask for a discount kills any attraction I feel toward you.

Can you bring one of your favorite girlfriends?
I would love to have one of my sexy girlfriends join us! If you suggest someone I haven’t met, please provide her information and I am open to the possibility. A 90 minute minimum is required and both rates apply.